Abhope 50mg Injection



What is Abhope 50mg Injection?

Abhope 50mg injection is an antifungal remedy. It is used in the treatment of excessive fungal infections and leishmaniasis. It kills fungi by destroying the fungal cell membrane. This manner allows for treating the circumstance.

How to Abhope 50mg Injection used?

Abhope 50mg injection is typically administered by using a medical doctor or a nurse. You need to now not self-administer this medication at home. The dose and period of the treatment will rely on the severity of your circumstance. You have to get the injection as long as your medical doctor has prescribed it.

Common Side effects of this Injection:-

The maximum not unusual facet effects of this medication are reduced potassium degree in the blood, nausea, vomiting, chills, and fever. Seek advice from your physician if those side outcomes persist for an extended length or worsen. They will be able to indicate ways to prevent or lessen the facet outcomes.


To make sure it’s miles secure for you, earlier than the usage of this medicinal drug, let your health practitioner know when you have any preexisting medical conditions or if you are taking every other drugs. Permit your medical doctor additionally understand if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, as it could purpose dangerous results to the growing child.

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Brand Name: Abhope

Manufacturer:  Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd

Presentation:  Injection

Strength: 50mg

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