Cilostazol 100 MG Tablet Pletoz



What is cilostazol pills used for?

Pletoz 100 Tablet is are cilostazol pills which is utilized in the treatment of agony in legs because of deficient blood stream (discontinuous claudication). It likewise helps in diminishing squeezing, deadness, or shortcoming in the legs that happens on strolling in such patients.

Pletoz 100 Tablet ought to be taken consistently as prompted by the specialist. You should take it on a vacant stomach and at a fixed time. This medication ought not be halted unexpectedly without speaking with the specialist.

It might cause results like migraine, queasiness, heaving, edema, the runs, tipsiness, palpitation, stomach torment, strange stools, tooting, and edema. Utilization of this medication may expand your danger of dying. Tell your primary care physician promptly on the off chance that you see pinpoint rash or blood in your regurgitates, pee, or stool.

This medication may not be appropriate for certain individuals. You should educate the specialist on the off chance that you are experiencing any liver or kidney sickness. Additionally, let your PCP think pretty much the wide range of various prescriptions that you are utilizing consistently. This medication isn’t typically suggested during pregnancy or breastfeeding, so consistently counsel your primary care physician prior to taking it.


In Treatment of Intermittent claudication

Intermittent claudication refers to muscle pain on mild exertion (ache, cramp, numbness or sense of fatigue), classically in the calf muscle, which occurs during exercise or even walking, and it gets better with a short period of rest. Pletoz 100 Tablet helps relieve this pain in the legs that is caused due to disturbed blood supply in the legs. It helps prevent formation of blood clots, improves blood flow and maintains free flowing of blood in your body. Keep taking Pletoz 100 Tablet as prescribed by the doctor to get maximum benefit.