Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor 6mg Glenstim Injection

Trade Name: GLENSTIM

Manufacturer: GLENMARK

Presentation: Injection

Strength: 6mg



What is Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor 6mg Glenstim Injection?

Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor 6mg Glenstim Injection is used to forestall diseases after chemotherapy. It’s anything but a development factor that animates the bone marrow to create white platelets. These cells secure the body against diseases. Granulocyte state invigorating component (G-CSF or GCSF), otherwise called province animating variable 3 (CSF 3), is a glycoprotein that invigorates the bone marrow to deliver granulocytes and immature microorganisms and delivered them into the bloodstream.

How Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor 6mg Glenstim Injection is Used?

Glenstim Peg 6mg Injection is given as an infusion by a certified clinical expert. You should keep on taking it as long as your primary care physician exhorts for it. The term treatment differs as indicated by your need and reaction to treatment. You may be approached to complete ordinary tests to check the number of platelets in your blood and your bone thickness level while you are taking this medication.

Side effects of Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor 6mg Glenstim Injection:

This medication’s most widely recognized symptoms incorporate bone torment, shortcoming, joint torment, cerebral pain, and rash. Other than this, torment or redness at the site of infusion is normal. In any case, educate your PCP if you notice a protuberance, expanding, or wounding that doesn’t disappear. It probably won’t keep you from a wide range of diseases, henceforth advise your primary care physician if you notice fever, chills, rash, sore throat, and growing around the face or neck.

Numerous different drugs can influence, or be influenced by, this medication so let your medical care group know all meds you are utilizing. This medication isn’t suggested during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. The utilization of compelling contraception by the two guys and females during treatment is critical to keep away from pregnancy. For more details, click here.

Trademark: – GLENSTIM


Show: Injection

Strength: 6mg

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