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One Piece Colostomy Bag

Product Name: One Piece Colostomy Bag

 Application:  Surgical and Disposables


What is a One Piece Colostomy Bag?

A One Piece Colostomy Bag is where the pack and the cement base plate are one framework. The base plate is called a few unique things, it is known as a rib, wafer, skin obstruction, as well as a base plate. Fundamentally, it is the piece of the ostomy pack that joins the skin around your stoma.

How is One Piece Colostomy Bag used?

In a one-piece ostomy framework, the ostomy pocket and skin obstruction are combined for all time. The pocket gathers stool or pee while the skin boundary is set around the stoma to safely safeguard the skin and hold the pack. This type is easy to utilize and simple to apply and eliminate.

  • Soft, easy to stick, and clear off froth baseplate, amicable to skin.
  • Minimal pack shape, good air snugness.
  • Beige cover, high solace.
DS850025mm Closed
DS850140mm (Closed Pediatric)
DS850245mm – Mini

Product Name: One Piece Colostomy Bag

 Application:  Surgical and Disposables

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