In October the director of the US Food and Drug Administration’s Centre for Drug Evaluation and Research Janet Woodcock told a House of Representatives subcommittee on health that the number

of companies in China manufacturing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) had more than doubled since 2010

Indian dependency of API and raw materials on china is also very high the need to safeguard the world’s supply of medicines from the vulnerabilities inherent in relying on any

China’s lockdown had a knock-on effect on its neighbour India, which relies on those APIs to produce generic drugs.

This could have a long-term impact on supply chains and it can push pharma companies to seek to move their API manufacturing back to home.

As par The Pharmaceutical Export Promotion Council report, India exported $19bn worth of pharma products in 2018-2019

Challenges to manage your pharmaceutical logistics in difficult times are due to

1. Migration of labor affecting not only manufacturing units but transportation and distribution.

2. Scarcity of packing material,

3. Increased fuel prices

4. Lack of working staff in custom, delaying clearance

5. limited Cargo airlines as no passenger airline are operating

6. Increased freight charges

 Solutions are:

  • Plan considering all the factors of possible delay and increased prices.
  • Procurement & Rerouting goods internationally.
  • collective stockpiles can work as a buffer against temporary turbulence.
  • DGFT has facilitated their operations 24*7 for essential goods.
  • Special unrestrictive permissions for transportation of Raw materials and finished pharmaceutical Formulations have been granted for uninterrupted supply.
  • M Care exports emergency response team has already created fluid contingency plans, working to ensure that it continues to meet customer demand, despite the substantial disruption to international air travel.
  • Protective clothing and extensive hygiene regimes for individuals, stringent quarantine measures and careful monitoring of all movements and transits are allowing safe movement of pharmaceuticals even in the most.
  • Mcare is a pharmaceutical exporter over 17 years of dedicated experience in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life science sectors.
  • The company has built up an exclusive, client-oriented style by employing experts in front-line logistics positions and collecting a team of best-in-class industry professionals in quality, cold chain and regulatory.
  • Mcare focuses on providing the most comprehensive service options available whilst delivering cost- effective logistics, flexible, tailored, logistics solutions to all clients.
  • Mcare operates across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Gulf countries anybody can contact us any time.
  • This is M Care’s contribution to smooth supply of medicines globally in this pandemic COVID19.
  • Reduce dependency from notorious chines policies and actions.