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Abhay-TOX Vaccine

Brand Name: Abhay-TOX

Presentation: Vaccine


What is Abhay-TOX Vaccine?

Abhay-tox vaccine is used as a vaccination to prevent tetanus (additionally called lockjaw). In the course of adolescence, five doses are recommended, with a sixth given at some point in early life. Additional doses every 10 years are encouraged.

How to Abhay-TOX Vaccine used?

Abhay-tox vaccine is run through a healthcare expert and has to now not be self-administered. It’s far critical that the child gets all of the vaccination doses. For the vaccine to be only, it’s miles critical to get the vaccination booster injection every 10 years.

Common Side effects of this Vaccine:-

A number of the common aspect outcomes of this remedy encompass reactions on the site of vaccination injection (which include pain, swelling, and redness), fever, and loss of urge for food. If those aspects’ outcomes do not depart with time or get worse, let the doctor know. The doctor may assist with approaches to reduce or prevent these signs and symptoms.


To ensure the vaccine is secure, earlier than receiving the vaccine, it is critical to permit the doctor to recognize when you have some other illnesses. You should also tell the medical doctor about all of the drug treatments you take.

Product Name: Abhay-TOX Vaccine

 Application:  Vaccine

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