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Product Name:  ALLEVYN Sacrum

 Application:  Surgical and Disposables

What is ALLEVYN Sacrum?

ALLEVYN Sacrum (17cm x 17cm) by Smith and Nephew is a glue hydrocellular froth sacrum dressing that has been intended for a prevalent physical fit on the sacral region to furnish upgraded pressure sore administration joined with the demonstrated advantages of Allevyn Cement. It is profoundly permeable and can remain set up for as long as 5 days.

How is ALLEVYN Sacrum used?

ALLEVYN LIFE Sacrum Froth Dressings are intentionally intended for a wide assortment of oozing persistent and intense injuries situated on the sacrum region. ALLEVYN LIFE Sacrum has been displayed to work effectively as a feature of a strain ulcer counteraction program to diminish occurrences.

Instructions for use:-
  1. Strip back the defender papers and anchor the dressing over the injury. Smooth the dressing into place, guaranteeing that the edges of the dressing are not crumpled.
  2. While situating Allevyn* Sacrum dressings, place the restricted finish of the dressing at least 2cm over the butt-centric sphincter, then smooth the dressing over the sacral region.
  3. During the beginning phases of treatment, Allevyn Sacrum dressings ought to be investigated habitually. Dressings can be left set up undisturbed until exudate is noticeable and approaches the edge of the dressing. The film backing forestalls liquid strikethrough and supports the counteraction of bacterial defilement of the injury. The recurrence of dressings change is impacted by the nature and state of the injury, Allevyn dressings are intended to be surrendered set up for 7 days.
  4. To eliminate, lift one corner of the dressing and stretch it delicately away from the injury. Remove* All inclusive Cement Remover Wipes might be utilized to help with the atraumatic evacuation of glue dressings.
Features & Specifications :- 
  • Ref: 66000700
  • Size: 17cm x 17cm/6¾in. x 6¾in.
  • Glue Hydrocellular Froth Sacrum Dressing
  • Can be utilized for as long as 5 days
  • Molded to fit the sacral region
  • Low sensitivity glue, Moderate
  • Tightened development and miniature slender edges
  • Exceptional trilaminate development
  • The punctured injury contact layer
  • Profoundly spongy focal hydrocellular layer
  • Waterproof external film layer.

Product Name:  ALLEVYN Sacrum

 Application:  Surgical and Disposables

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