Alpha Ketoanalogue Renolog Tablet

Trade Name:– RENOLOG

Manufacturer: LA RENON

Presentation: Tablet



Alpha Ketoanalogue Tablet used for?

Alpha Ketoanalogue Tablet utilized in the counteraction and treatment of harms that have been caused because of issues with protein digestion. It contains Alpha-Ketoanalogue.

It contains all amino acids fundamental for uremic patients, five out of them are keto or hydroxy analogs as calcium salts. Consequently, it permits a decrease in the nitrogen supply and gives calcium. It is a drug for the therapy of persistent kidney illness patients on Conservative administration treatment (CKD stage I, II, III). In mix with an extremely low protein diet/low protein diet, it helps in deferring the movement of kidney illness in the Predialysis time frame.

Renolog is utilized for the anticipation and treatment of harms because of broken or insufficient protein digestion in ongoing renal inadequacy.

How do Alpha Ketoanalogue Tablets work?

It follows the same catabolic pathways as amino acids and works by working on the digestion of protein in the body, diminishes the metabolic unsettling influences, and gathering of nitrogenous squanders. In this manner working in the renal capacity.


Report to the physician if the patients are allergic to the active ingredients or any other drugs.

Brief about the allergy and the signs like:
• Rash
• Itching
• Shortness of breath
• Swelling of face, lips, tongue, or throat or any other signs

Side-effects of Alpha keto analogs Tablet:

Report to the physician immediately if the patients are having any of the following symptoms:
• Increased calcium levels
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Diarrhea
• Abdominal pain

How Alpha Ketoanalogue works

Alpha Ketoanalogue belongs to a class of drugs called nutritional supplements. It follows the same catabolic pathways as amino acids and works by improving the metabolism of protein in the body, thereby improving renal function.


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Trade Name: RENOLOG

Manufacturer: LA RENON

Presentation: Tablet

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