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Amfotex 50mg injection (amphotericin)


What Amfotex 50mg injection (amphotericin) is used?

Amfotex 50mg Injection is an antifungal medication. It is used in the treatment of severe fungal infections and kala-azar. It kills the disease-causing parasites and subsequently, treats the contamination.

How to Amfotex 50mg injection (amphotericin)will be used?

Amfotex njection is controlled as an infusion by a medical care proficient. Sympathetically don’t self-manage. Before you take this medication, illuminate your PCP assuming that you experience the ill effects of diabetes, liver/kidney issues or are on dialysis, or have low potassium levels in your blood.

Common Side effects of this injection .

It might prompt a couple of normal aftereffects like migraine, regurgitating, sickness, stomach issues, and fever. You may in like manner see some implantation site reactions like desolation, extending, or redness. Illuminate your PCP assuming that these incidental effects continue for a more extended length. Kindly counsel your primary care physician assuming you are pregnant, wanting to imagine, or breastfeeding.


Amfotex 50mg Injection works by killing the growths which can cause genuine contaminations. It is given by a specialist or medical attendant and ought not to be self-regulated. It ordinarily cheers you up rapidly however you ought to keep accepting it as recommended in any event, when you feel significantly improved to ensure that every one of the growths and yeast causing the contamination is killed and doesn’t become more

Brand Name: Amfotex

Manufacturer: Alkem laboratories ltd

Presentation: injection

Strength:  50mg

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