Amfy Gel



What is Amfy Gel ?

Amfy gel is an antifungal remedy. It’s miles used in the remedy of fungal infections inside the skin. It kills the infection-inflicting fungi and accordingly prevents it from spreading and facilitates accelerating the healing manner.

How  to Amfy Gel used ?

it is for external use best. You need to use it in the dose and duration as suggested by your health practitioner. The affected region must be clean and dry before application. You have to wash your palms very well before and after making use of this medicine. To avoid reinfection, maintain the usage of this remedy even though signs start to solve.

Common Side effects of this Gel:-

Some not unusual side results include pores and skin irritation, burning sensation, itching, and redness at the website of utility. Please seek advice from your physician if those aspect effects persist for an extended length. Keep away from direct contact together with your eyes. In case of unintentional touch, wash your eyes with water, and are seeking for immediate scientific attention.

Know more;-

Brand Name: Amfy Gel

Manufacturer: Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Presentation  Gel

Strength:  Gel

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