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Cetirizine 10mg Tablet


What is Cetirizine 10mg Tablet?

Cetirizine 10mg Tablet has a place with a gathering of drugs called allergy medicines. It is utilized to treat different hypersensitive circumstances like roughage fever, conjunctivitis and some skin responses, and responses to nibbles and stings. It eases watery eyes, runny nose, sniffling, and tingling.

How to Cetirizine 10mg Tablet will be used?

Affycet 10mg Tablet can be taken regardless of food. The portion expected for you might change contingent upon what you are taking it for. This medication is generally taken in the evening however heed the guidance of your primary care physician on the most proficient method to take it. You might require this medication just on days you have side effects, however, in the event that you are taking it to forestall side effects, you ought to take it routinely. In the event that you miss portions or quit taking it sooner than prompted, your side effects might return.

Common Side effects of this Tablet.

This medication is for the most part extremely protected. The most well-known aftereffects incorporate inclination to lethargic or bleary-eyed. These are typically gentle and disappear following two or three days as your body changes. Counsel your PCP assuming that any of the aftereffects endure or concern you. You ought to keep away from liquor while taking this medication.


Prior to taking it, let your PCP know if you have any kidney issues or epilepsy. Your portion might be adjusted or this medication may not be appropriate. A few different meds can associate with this medication so let your medical care group know what else you are taking. You ought to likewise converse with your PCP prior to utilizing this medication assuming that you are pregnant or breastfeeding, in spite of the fact that it isn’t believed to be hurtful. read more

Brand Name: Cetirizine

Manufacturer: Affy pharma pvt  ltd

Presentation: Tablet

Strength: 10mg

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