Denosumab 60mg Rozel Injection

Trade Name:– ROZEL

Manufacturer: Intas Pharmaceuticals

Presentation: Injection

Strength:  60mg



Denosumab Injection used for?

Denosumab 60mg Rozel Injection is a medication utilized in the treatment of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women and in men at an expanded danger of cracks. It makes the bones solid and lessens the danger of breaks.

How does Denosumab injection work?

Rozel Injection is given by a medical service proficiently and ought not to act naturally managed. You should utilize it routinely and simultaneously every day to get the most extreme profit with it. Keep utilizing it as suggested by your PCP and complete the portion regardless of whether you feel good. To make it more viable, take sufficient measures of calcium and nutrient D enhancements while on treatment with this medication.

Common side effects of this injection:

Some normal symptoms of this medication, remember torment for the furthest point, musculoskeletal torment, nerve torment, urinary lot contamination, blockage, and rash. Converse with your PCP if any of these results don’t disappear with time or deteriorate. Your PCP may assist with approaches to decrease or forestall these side effects. For more click here.


To ensure your medication is okay with you, prior to taking it, let your primary care physician know about the wide range of various prescriptions you are taking. It is important for pregnant and breastfeeding moms to request exhortation from their primary care physicians prior to utilizing this medication.

Benefits of this medicine:

Osteoporosis is a typical condition that debilitates bones, making them delicate and bound to break. It frequently happens in ladies after menopause. The condition can be treated with bone-reinforcing meds. Rozel Injection hinders the rate at which bone is separated in your body. This keeps up with bone thickness and decreases your danger of breaking a bone. The infusion is given by a specialist or nurtures and ought not to act naturally directed.

You can assist with working on the strength of your bones by doing customary exercise (particularly weight-bearing activity), eating quality food varieties containing calcium and Vitamin D, and diminishing your utilization of liquor and tobacco. Enhancements of calcium and Vitamin D3 are additionally powerful.

Trade Name: – ROZEL

Manufacturer: Intas Pharmaceuticals

Presentation: Injection

Strength:  60mg

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