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Digital EEG and Mapping

Product Name: Digital EEG and Mapping

 Application:  Surgical and Disposables


What is Digital EEG and Mapping?

Digital EEG and Mapping is the paperless recording of an EEG utilizing PC-based instrumentation. The information is put away on electronic media, like attractive drives or optical plates, and shown on a screen.

How are Digital EEG and Mapping work?

An EEG is a test that identifies irregularities in your mind waves, or in the electrical activity of your cerebrum. During the method, terminals comprising little metal circles with meager wires are stuck onto your scalp. The anodes identify minuscule electrical charges that outcome from the action of your synapses.

Features & Specifications :-
  • The framework coordinates obtaining, enhancement, channels, and A/D goal of signing into one module with SMD innovation, which works on the unwavering quality and is hostile to the sticking capacity of the framework.
  • Consequently, record EEG and 24 hours ceaseless procurement.
  • 16-lead EEG, which has the capability of programmed estimation. (1016: 16ch EEG)
  • Programmed scaling framework.
  • Mark occasion, utilizing different variety stands different occasion
  • Advanced video screen framework (choice)
  • The manual and programmed spotlight trigger
  • The coordinated plan expands the counter-sticking skill and the reasonableness of the framework at the same time.
  • The multifunctional advanced channel framework has the capability of setting up various channels and sifting techniques.
  • In excess of 10 sorts of Bar and EEG, for example, top view, side view, and monochromatic view are shown on a similar screen.
  • All sorts of force range Bars, mathematical Bars, and compacted range diagrams.
  • Three-layered rotational Shaft
  • Incorporated picture and character printout
  • Wonderful case the board framework
  • Helpful and speedy USB interface

Product Name: Digital EEG and Mapping

 Application:  Surgical and Disposables

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