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Disposable Pulse Lavage Systems


Product Name:  Disposable Pulse Lavage Systems

 Application:  General Surgery

What is Disposable Pulse Lavage Systems?

Disposable Pulse Lavage Systems is characterized in this article as the conveyance of a flooding arrangement (or irrigant) under tension that is delivered by an electrically controlled gadget. Water systems under tension might be conveyed simultaneously with pull, eliminating the flooding arrangement from the objective region.

How Disposable Pulse Lavage Systems is used?

It is a biophysical innovation that helps with purifying the injury bed, working with debridement, and overseeing bacterial count, subsequently working on the mending of persistent injuries.


Popularly used in trauma cases, spinal medical procedures, all-out knee arthroplasty techniques, and absolute hip arthroplasty methodology with the following advantages:-

  • Builds the infiltration between bone concrete and osteotomy surface
  • Diminishes the remaking pace of counterfeit joint arthroplasty
  • Diminishes the relaxing pace of inserts
  • Assists in cutting down the fat embolisms occurrence with rating.
  • Quickly cleans necrotic tissues, microorganisms, and unfamiliar materials.
  • Limits the gamble of wound disease and speeds up injury recuperation
  • Grows activity vision and abbreviates activity time
  • Lessens the anti-infection measurements used to make it practical
  • Reduces the post-employable pace of attachment


Product Name:  Disposable Pulse Lavage Systems

 Application:  General Surgery

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