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Guedel Pattern Airway

Product Name: Guedel Pattern Airway

 Application:  Surgical Medical Products


What is Guedel Pattern Airway?

Guedel Pattern Airway (otherwise called an oral aviation route, OPA, or Guedel design aviation route) is a clinical gadget called an aviation route assistant utilized in aviation route the board to keep up with or open a patient’s aviation route. It does this by keeping the tongue from covering the epiglottis, which could keep the individual from relaxing.

How is Guedel Pattern Airway used?

A Guedel aviation route, or an oropharyngeal aviation route, is an aviation route assistant used to keep a patient aviation route. The aviation route keeps the tongue from either to some degree or totally discouraging the aviation route. In crises, the variety coding framework permits quick distinguishing proof of the size held inside the pocket.

Item CodeSize
AN091Size 00
AN092Size 0
AN093Size 1
AN094Size 2
AN095Size 3
AN096Size 4
AN097Size 5

Product Name:  Guedel Pattern Airway

 Application:  Surgical Medical Products

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