Haemophilus B 10mcg Vaccine

Brand Name: Haemophilus B Conjugate

Manufacturer: Sanofi India Ltd

Presentation: Vaccine

Strength: 10mcg

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What is Haemophilus B 10mcg Vaccine?

Haemophilus B 10mcg Vaccine is a mix of antibodies utilized in the counteraction of Tetanus. It animates the safe framework to act against microorganisms to forestall such contaminations.

How to Haemophilus B 10mcg Vaccine will be used?

Act HIB Vaccine is directed by a medical care proficient. It might cause redness, irritation, and expansion at the site of the mixture. This typically disappears with time. It very well may be taken by patients regardless of old enough.

Common Side effects of this Vaccine.

Act HIB Vaccine is for the most part all around endured by patients and is likewise protected in youngsters, nonetheless, it has a couple of incidental effects like enlarging, agony, and fever. Prior to getting the antibody, to ensure it is alright for the kid, let your primary care physician know whether the youngster has any previous ailments.


  • ActHIB Vaccine is utilized for the inoculation of babies and kids 2 months through 5 years old for the anticipation of H influenzae type b contamination.
  • Assuming that you are seriously sick, you ought to likely hold on until you recuperate. Your PCP can prompt you on this.
  • You can apply an ice pack on the infusion site assuming you experience torment and redness. Read more

Brand Name: Haemophilus B

Manufacturer: Sanofi India Ltd

Presentation: Vaccine

Strength: 10mcg

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