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Needle & Syringe Destroyer

Product Name: Needle & Syringe Destroyer

 Application:  surgical-medical-product


What is Needle & Syringe Destroyer?

Needle & Syringe Destroyer is an electrically worked, conservative medical clinic gear, extraordinarily intended to obliterate utilized expendable needles and needles effortlessly. The needle destroyer machine keeps medical care staff from interacting with the needle while discarding it, offering sufficient security against inadvertent pricks.

How are Needle & Syringe Destroyer used?

The MEDTECH Needle Burner Needle Destroyer is the most secure method for arranging off-utilized needles.

  • Simply plug in your gadget and switch it on.
  • Put in the infusion with the needle going into the opening.
  • When the needle tip is burned, slide the shaper handle to cut and arrange the needle.
Item CodeType
NS030Instant needle burner & syringe destroyer. This model has an electrical instant needle burner and a replaceable cutter to cut syringe nozzles after use. Size 165 x 115 x 120mm (Handy desktop model) weight 1.7 kg power 230V AC +- 10% 50 hz single phase (alternative voltages available) protection 2 amperes 3/4
NS031Spare Cutter for Syringe destroyer.

Product Name: Needle & Syringe Destroyer

 Application:  surgical-medical-product

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