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Oxygen Intake Device

Product Name: Oxygen Intake Device

 Application:  surgical-medical-product


What is an oxygen Intake Device?

Oxygen Intake Device give a protected wellspring of oxygen-enhanced air. Oxygen concentrators (once in a while alluded to as oxygen generators) are gadgets that draw room air through a progression of channels that eliminate residue, microbes, and different particulates.

How are Oxygen Intake Device used?

An oxygen concentrator is a clinical gadget that gives you additional oxygen. Your PCP might endorse one for you in the event that you have a medical issue that causes your oxygen level to drop excessively low. It can assist certain individuals who with experiencing difficulty breathing because of conditions like Asthma.

Item CodeTitle
OXY500Oxygen Regulator with pressure gauge.
OXY502Flowmeter with humidifier bottle.
OXY504Humidifier bottle 200 ml autoclavable plastic.
OXY506Oxygen Regulator with pressure gauge, flow meter, and humidifier bottle.


Product Name: Oxygen Intake Device

 Application:  surgical-medical-product

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