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Presens TabOrg Tablet

Product Name:  Presens TabOrg Tablet

 Application:  Surgical and Disposables

What is Presens TabOrg Tablet?

Presens TabOrg Tablet, Deal with your well-being from the ailment as well as by taking ordinary medication at the appropriate times. The Presents Pill/Tablet coordinator is the ideal decision for taking the right medication brilliantly. Presently, always remember to take the medication.

How is Presens TabOrg Tablet used?

This Pill Coordinator/Medication stockpiling box is great for anybody who requires to follow their medication utilization every day and gives visual signs in the event that the medication has been taken or not. This likewise saves time while taking meds, as the meds can be filled for a week and 3 times each day relying upon the recurrence of your medicine.

Features & Specifications : – 
  • Pill Coordinator/Medication Stockpiling Box for taking the Right meds on the Right day at time
  • As suggested by the Specialists
  • 7 Days/Week after week Pill Box 3 times each day
  • Compartments have representative signs for taking medications in: Morning, Early afternoon, and Night
  • Effectively fits in a tote
  • Suits for emergency clinic and home.
  • Savvy plan and top caliber
  • Made of solid material and great for partition pills
  • Perfect and simple to utilize, great for your loved ones


Product Name:  Presens TabOrg Tablet

 Application:  Surgical and Disposables

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