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Product Name: PTCA KIt

 Application: Cardiology


What is PTCA KIt?

PTCA KIt is a finished tweaked bundle of clinical gear expected with the end goal of angioplasty (cardiological process). It is comprised of top-notch clinical grade material. The standard PTCA Unit for the most part contains high-strain tubing (50 cm), IV sets (vented and non-vented), gruff needle, haemostatic Y connector, pressure checking line (50 and 100 cm), force gadgets, control needles, complex 3 ports.

How PTCA KIt is used?

It is utilized in Angioplasty (cardiological Medical procedure). Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA) is a negligibly obtrusive system to open up obstructed coronary corridors, permitting blood to flow unhindered to the heart muscle. Global Quality Norm.


Guarantees protected and helpful use
Exceptionally requested by specialists and doctors around the world
Strong quality
PTCA Pack is utilized for Angioplasty Technique.

Our standard PTCA Kit consists of:-

  • Hemostatic Y connector.
  • 3 port Complex.
  • Control Needle.
  • Pressure Observing line 50cm &100cm.
  • Force Gadget.
  • Obtuse Needle.
  • High Strain Tubing 50cm.
  • IV Set Non-Vented.
  • IV Set Vented.

Product Name: PTCA KIt

Application: Cardiology

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