Rebreathing Bags

Product Name: Rebreathing Bags

 Application:  Surgical Medical Products



What is Rebreathing Bags?

The Rebreathing Bags on like a repository and are used to push gases into the lungs. Rebreathing Packs are comprised of clinical-grade plastic in dark antistatic elastic. Rebreathing Sacks are simpler to apply and totally protected to utilize. Rebreathing Packs are unmistakably utilized in circuits and anaesthesia machines.

How is Rebreathing Bags used?

Breathing into a paper sack is a method that can assist you with directing hyperventilation. It works by putting a portion of the lost carbon dioxide back into your lungs and body. This assists with adjusting the oxygen stream in your body.


One of the upsides of rebreathers is that utilization is the equivalent of paying little heed to profundity. On the open circuit, utilization increments with profundity. In a rebreather, we utilize just the O2 that the body needs as per the actual exertion the jumper is making since we set the unused gas back into the sack.

Item Code Size Colour
AN011 0.25 Litre Black Rubber
AN012 0.5 Litre Black Rubber
AN013 1 Litre Black Rubber
AN014 1.5 Litre Black Rubber
AN015 2 Litre Black Rubber
AN015a 2.5 Litre Black Rubber
AN016 3 Litre Black Rubber
AN017 4 Litre Black Rubber
AN018 5 Litre Black Rubber
AN019 6 Litre Black Rubber

Product Name: Rebreathing Bags

 Application:  Surgical Medical Products

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