Reservoir Bag

Product Name: Reservoir Bag

 Application:  Surgical Medical Products



What is Reservoir Bag?

The Reservoir Bag on the sedative breathing circuit is a well-being highlight that can safeguard the patient. It is profoundly distensible, with pressures inside the breathing circuit seldom surpassing 3.9 kPa (40 cmH2O) in any event, when the customizable strain-restricting valve is unintentionally left shut.

How is Reservoir Bag used?

The essential capability of the supply sack during inward breath sedation is to give a repository from which extra gas might be drawn should the respiratory requests of the patient surpass the gas stream conveyed from the machine.


Repository packs are bladder-type sacks, made of plastic-free material or silicone, going in size from 1 L to 8 L. The 3-L repository pack is the most often utilized in dentistry.

To accommodate our ambu type sacks codes: AN001b

Product Name: Reservoir Bag

 Application:  Surgical Medical Products

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