Rosuvastatin 10mg Tablet Crestor

Brand Name: Crestor

Manufacturer: AstraZeneca

Presentation: Tablet

Strength:  10mg



What is Rosuvastatin   10mg?

Rosuvastatin 10mg Tablet Crestor has a spot with a social event of medications called statins. It is used to cut down cholesterol and reduce the risk of coronary ailment. Cholesterol is an oily substance that creates in your veins and causes restricting, which might provoke a coronary episode or stroke.

How Rosuvastatin 10mg is used?

Rosuvastatin 10mg Tablet Crestor is a comprehensively suggested drug and is seen as safe for long stretch use. It will in general be taken with dinner or on an empty stomach. You can take it at whatever point of the day anyway endeavor to take it all the while each day. By far most with raised cholesterol don’t feel debilitated, but stopping your drug might assemble your cholesterol levels, irritating your condition and growing your risk of coronary sickness and stroke.

Have your cholesterol levels checked reliably? This drug is only a solitary piece of the treatment program which should similarly consolidate a strong eating standard, standard activity, smoking suspension, control of alcohol confirmation, and weight decline. You can eat consistently while taking this drug, yet endeavor to avoid food assortments that are high in fat.

Side effects of This Tablet

Typical aftereffects of this medicine consolidate muscle torture, inadequacy, squeamishness, headache, and stomach torture. These are ordinarily delicate and disappear after a short time. Counsel your essential consideration doctor if they proceed then again in case you notice any yellowing of your eyes or get reiterated or unexplained muscle tortures.

This drug should not to be used in conditions like liver contamination. Similarly, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should not to acknowledge this drug as it would hurt the making kid. Diabetic patients ought to screen their glucose levels while taking this medicine, as it could provoke a development in glucose levels.

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Brand Name: Crestor

Manufacturer: Astrazeneca

Presentation: Tablet

Strength:  10mg

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