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Sevelamer 400mg Foseal Tablet

Trade Name: FOSEAL

Manufacturer: EMCURE PHARMA

Presentation: Tablets

Strength: 400mg


What is Sevelamer 400mg Foseal Tablet?

Sevelamer 400mg Foseal Tablet is utilized to treat expanded phosphate levels in the blood. It is utilized in patients who are on dialysis because of serious kidney sickness. It represses the assimilation of phosphate from the digestive tract and lowers the phosphate levels in the blood.

Sevelamer (rINN) is a phosphate restricting medicine used to treat hyperphosphatemia in patients with persistent kidney sickness. When taken with dinners, it ties to dietary phosphate and forestalls its retention. Sevelamer. create and create GelTex Pharmaceuticals. Sevelamer promote

Sanofi under the brand names Renagel (sevelamer hydrochloride) and Renvela (sevelamer carbonate).

How Sevelamer 400mg Foseal Tablet can be used:

Foseal 400 Tablet ought to take with food. Take it in the portion and length as prompted by your primary care physician. Take it routinely and at a fixed time every day to get the greatest advantage of the medication.

Sevelamer utilize in the administration of hyperphosphatemia in grown-up patients with stage 4 and 5 constant kidney illness (CKD) on hemodialysis. Its adequacy at bringing phosphate levels is comparative down to that of calcium acetic acid derivation, however without going with the hazard of hypercalcemia and blood vessel calcification. In patients with CKD, it has likewise display diminish fatty oils and LDL, and increment HDL. This is a phosphate fastener.

Side effects of Sevelamer 400mg Foseal Tablet:

Utilizing of Foseal 400 Tablet may cause results like sickness, retching, stomach torment, obstruction, and runs. You may likewise foster low degrees of calcium, folic corrosive, and nutrients A, D, E, and K in your blood. Accept fundamental enhancements as exhorted by your primary care physician.

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Trademark:- FOSEAL


Show: Tablets

Strength: 400mg

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