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Suxamethonium chloride 50mg Injection

What is the use of Suxamethonium chloride 50mg Injection?

Suxamethonium chloride 50mg Injection belongs to a group of medicines called muscle relaxants. It is used along with general anesthesia or sedatives to provide skeletal muscle relaxation during surgical procedures. It is also used to facilitate emergency airway management in patients in intensive care.

Suxamethonium chloride 50mg Injection is administered by a healthcare professional. You should not self-administer this medicine at home. The dose of Injection and duration will depend on what you are taking it for and how well it helps your symptoms.

How Suxamethonium chloride 50mg Injection can be used?

Succinylcholine chloride is shown as an extra to general sedation, to work with tracheal intubation, and to give skeletal muscle unwinding during a medical procedure or mechanical ventilation. Suxamethonium Chloride might be given by intravenous implantation as a 0.1% to 0.2% arrangement, weakened in 5% glucose arrangement or clean isotonic saline arrangement, at a pace of 2.5 to 4mg each moment. The mixture rate ought to be changed by the reaction of individual patients.

Side effects of Suxamethonium chloride 50mg Injection:

The most common side effects of this medicine include headache, blurred vision, speeding up or slowing down of your heart rate, skin flushing, skin rash, high and low blood pressure. If any of these side effects persist or get worse, you should let your doctor know. Your doctor may be able to suggest ways of preventing or reducing the symptoms.

Before using it, to make sure it is safe for you, you should let your doctor know if you have any other medical conditions or disorders. You should also tell your doctor about all the other medicines you are using or taking. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult their doctors before using this medicine. For more details click here.

Trade Name:- Suxamethonium

Manufacturer:  Health Biopharma

Presentation: injection

Strength: 50mg

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