Travoprost 0.004% w/v Travatan Ophthalmic Solution

Trade Name:- Stiloz

Manufacturer: Alcon lab

Presentation: Solution

Strength: 0.004% w/v



Travoprost  Solution used for?

Travoprost Solution Travoprost Solutions is a medication used to lessen pressure in the eyes in grown-up with glaucoma and a high pressing factor in the eye. In the event that the pressing factor in your eye is too high, it can harm your sight, possibly prompting visual impairment. It works by assisting liquid with moving from inside the eye into the blood.

How does the Travoprost solution work?

Travatan Ophthalmic Solution can be utilized alone or in a mix with other eye drugs to lessen pressure. Adhere to the directions given by your doctor and utilize this medication consistently to get the most advantage. On the off chance that you quit utilizing it, pressure in the eye could increment and harm your site. Never utilize a jug if the seal is broken before you use it interestingly. Ensure you eliminate contact focal points in the event that you wear them and sit tight for something like 15 minutes prior to returning them.

The most common side effects of this solution:

The most well-known symptoms of this medication incorporate visual hyperemia, diminished vision, eye uneasiness, unfamiliar body sensation, eye agony, and eye tingling. In the event that you experience any such incidental effects that trouble you, converse with your doctor. They might have the option to reveal to you methods of decreasing or forestalling some incidental effects or propose another treatment. On the off chance that your vision is obscured or you have different changes insight for a period, don’t drive until your vision is clear. This is typically a momentary incidental effect. For more click here.


Try not to utilize the Travatan Ophthalmic Solution on the off chance that you are pregnant, attempting to get pregnant, or on the off chance that you are breastfeeding.

Trade Name: – Stiloz

Manufacturer: Alcon lab

Presentation: Solution

Strength: 0.004% w/v

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