Warfaxin 2mg Tablet Warfarin

Brand Name: Warfaxin

Manufacturer: Steris Healthcare

Presentation: Tablet

Strength: 2mg



What is Warfaxin 2mg Tablet?

Warfarin Tablet is an oral anticoagulant that forestalls the strategy of harming blood groups in the legs, lungs, cerebrum, and heart. It is utilized for huge vein circulatory difficulty, aspiratory embolism, and stroke assumption.

How Warfaxin 2mg Tablet is used?

Warfarin Tablet ought to be taken as induced by the prepared proficient. You could take it paying little mind to food yet it is more splendid to require some venture. This remedy shouldn’t to be finished all of a sudden without talking with the prepared proficient. You should accept this medication consistently to get the most advantage, whether you feel fine. It is obstructing future mischief.

Take this prescription in the part and range as provoked by your PCP. Swallow down it as a whole. Make an effort not to nibble, pound or break it. Warf 1 Tablet may be taken paying little mind to food, but taking it at a fair time is better.
Avoid Warf 1 Tablet with Vitamin K-rich food like spinach, collards, broccoli, spring onions, cucumber, and dried basil.

Common side effects of this Tablet:

Utilization of this remedy could broaden your gamble of failing miserably. Tell your PCP quickly on the off chance that you see a pinpoint rash or blood in your regurgitates, pee, or stool. In the event that you are going under any activity or dental treatment, you could have to stop this medication for quite a while yet solely resulting to bantering with your fundamental thought specialist.


Prior to taking it, you should provoke the master assuming you are experiencing any kidney or liver affliction. Besides, let your fundamental thought specialist in on whether you are pregnant or breastfeeding and essentially the huge number of various meds that you are taking routinely. Read More

Brand Name: Warfarin

Manufacturer: Steris Healthcare

Presentation: Tablet

Strength: 2mg

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