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Zeptril 2mg tablet (Trandolapril)


What is Zetpril 2mg (Trandolapril) Tablet?

Zeptril 2mg Tablet, is a doctor-prescribed medication used to treat epilepsy and tension issues. It helps with decreasing the unusual and unnecessary development of the nerve cells and calms the brain.

How to Zetpril 2mg Tablet will be used?

This Tablet may be taken paying little notification to food. In any case, recognize it in the meantime dependably as this helps with keeping a reliable level of cure in the body. Take this solution in the piece and length as scolded by your PCP as it has a high limit with respect to tendency shaping.

Common Side effects of this Tablet.

Several run-of-the-mill symptoms of this remedy join exhaustion, sadness, and hindered coordination. It could likewise cause insanity and lethargy, drive doesn’t too, or do whatever requires mental concentration until you know how this solution influences you.  Read more


Most discretionary effects require no clinical idea and vanish as your body adjusts to the solution. Counsel your PCP tolerating they continue then again a distant chance that you’re stressed over them.

Brand Name: Zetpril

Manufacturer: Genix

Presentation: Tablet

Strength:  2mg

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