Avaxim 80U Pediatric Vaccine



What is Avaxim 80U Pediatric Vaccine?

Avaxim 80u pediatric vaccine protects in opposition to hepatitis a, which is a serious liver disorder because hepatitis is endemic (hav). It spreads from individual to individual through contact with infected food or water. It is safe and effective and given as 2 shots, 6 months apart. Both shots are needed for long-time period safety.

How to Avaxim 80U Pediatric Vaccine used?

Avaxim 80u pediatric vaccine is given as an injection via a doctor or nurse. This vaccination is accomplished in children aged 365 days to 18 years. Adults who’ve not been vaccinated previously and want to be included in opposition to hepatitis a can also get the vaccine. A nice way to save you hepatitis a is thru vaccination. To get the full gain of hepatitis a vaccine, a couple of shot is needed. The wide variety and timing of those pictures depend at the form of vaccine you are given. Practicing properly hand hygiene plays an essential function in stopping the spread of hepatitis a.

Common Side effects of this Vaccine:-

The maximum common side consequences include nausea, ache, abdominal pain, anaphylactic reaction, convulsion, fatigue, headache, loss of appetite, tenderness, and vomiting. They do no longer generally remaining very lengthy. Sitting or mendacity down can once in a while assist. Consult your medical doctor if any of the side consequences persist or fear you.


Earlier than having the injection, you should tell your physician if you have ever had a hypersensitive reaction to a vaccine. Some different medicines may additionally react with the hepatitis vaccine so talk to your health practitioner about other medicines you are taking as properly.

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Brand Name: Avaxim 80U Pediatric

Manufacturer: Sanofi India Ltd

Presentation: Vaccine

Strength: 80U

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