Azathioprine 50mg Tablet Azoran

Brand Name: Azoran

Manufacturer: RPG life Sciences

Presentation: Tablet

Strength:  50mg



What is Azathioprine Tablet 50mg?

Azathioprine Tablet 50mg has a place with a gathering of medications called immunosuppressants. It is utilized with different prescriptions to forestall your body dismissing an organ (like a kidney, heart, or liver) after a transfer. It is additionally utilized in the treatment of rheumatoid joint pain.

How Azathioprine Tablet 50mg is used?

Azathioprine Tablet 50mg works by debilitating the body’s insusceptible framework, so it doesn’t assault the new organ. The measure of medication to be taken and how regularly you need to take it will rely upon the sort of relocation you have. Adhere to your primary care physician’s guidelines on this. You should take it alongside food. Gulp down it as an entire, don’t pound, bite, break, or open them. Take the medication routinely to get the most advantage and continue to take it regardless of whether you feel good. In the event that you quit taking it, you may build the odds of dismissing your relocated organ. The treatment will proceed however long you need it to forestall dismissal.

Common Side effects of this  Tablet:-

It has numerous likely results. The most widely recognized are loss of hunger, sickness, and the expanded danger of dying. Since it stifles your invulnerable framework, you may get more contaminations than expected. There’s likewise an expanded danger of fostering a few malignancies hence. To lessen your danger of skin disease, limit your openness to the sun and utilize a defensive cream. There is a considerable rundown of expected results. You ought to get some information about them and what signs to pay special mind to on the grounds that some can be not kidding and need earnest clinical consideration.

Precaution Before taking this Medicine:

This Tablet can cause birth deformities and premature deliveries so don’t take it on the off chance that you are pregnant, wanting to get pregnant, or breastfeeding. You should converse with your PCP prior to taking this medication on the off chance that you have any indications of disease or on the off chance that you have any surprising wounding or dying. Your PCP additionally has to understand what different meds you are taking as there are numerous which collaborate with this medication and influence the manner in which it works. You will have customary tests to check for any progressions in the number of your platelets.

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Brand Name: Azoran

Manufacturer: RPG Life Sciences

Presentation: Tablet

Strength:  50mg

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