Aztreonam 1gm Azom



What is Aztreonam 1gm Azom?

Aztreonam 1gm Azom Injection is an anti-toxin used to forestall or treat a wide assortment of bacterial diseases. This may incorporate contaminations of the urinary lot, blood, cerebrum, ear, skin, and delicate tissue, midsection, bone, windpipe, and lungs.

Aztreonam, sold under the brand name Azactam among others, is an anti-toxin utilized principally to treat contaminations brought about by gram-negative microbes, for example, Pseudomonas aeruginosa. This may incorporate bone diseases, endometriosis, Intra stomach contaminations, pneumonia, urinary plot contaminations, and sepsis. It is given by infusion into a vein or muscle or took in like a mist.

Regularity results when given by infusion in corporate agony at the site of infusion, spewing, and rash. Common results when breathed in incorporating wheezing, hack, and vomiting. Serious results incorporate Clostridium difficile contamination and unfavorably susceptibility responses including anaphylaxis. Those who are adversely affected by other β-lactam have a lower pace of sensitivity to aztreonam. Use in pregnancy gives off an impression of being safe. It is in the monobactam group of medications. Aztreonam represses cell divider union by impeding peptidoglycan cross-linking to cause bacterial passing.

How Aztreonam 1gm Azom should be taken?

Azom 1gm Injection is given as a dribble (intravenous mixture) or as an infusion straightforwardly into a vein or a muscle under the oversight of a medical care proficient. It ought to be utilized consistently at uniformly dispersed time spans as endorsed by your PCP. Try not to avoid any dosages and finish the full course of treatment regardless of whether you feel good. Halting the medication too soon may prompt the contamination to return or deteriorating.

Common Side effects of  Aztreonam 1gm Azom:

Rash, retching, sickness, and loose bowels might be viewed as the most widely recognized results. Impermanent agony, growing, and redness at the infusion site may likewise happen at the infusion site. Counsel your PCP if any of these results persevere or if your condition doesn’t improve regardless of treatment.

Educate your PCP if you have any history of sensitivity or heart issues before taking this medication. Pregnant or breastfeeding ladies ought to counsel their primary care physician before utilizing this medication. For more details, click here.

Trademark: AZOM


Presentation:  Injection

Strength:  1gm

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