croquin 300mg Tablet



What croquin 300mg Tablet is used?

Croquin 300mg Tablet is an antiparasitic drug, used for the treatment of wilderness fever. It could moreover be used to treat and thwart evening leg cramps. It works by killing the jungle fever-causing parasite and preventing the contamination from spreading.

How to croquin 300mg Tablet will be used?

Croquin 300mg Tablet ought to be utilized in the portion and length as exhorted by your PCP. Take it with food to diminish the gamble of stomach upset. Avoid no dosages and get done with the full course of treatment regardless of whether you feel far improved. Go to lengths to lessen the possibility of being chomped by mosquitoes like utilizing bug repellent creams and mosquito repellent showers.

Common Side effects of this injection .

some individuals might encounter regurgitating, migraine, and unsteadiness as symptoms of this medication. If it’s not too much trouble, counsel your primary care physician if these continue for a more extended length. Illuminate your primary care physician assuming that you have a background marked by fits (seizures) or any issues with your kidney, heart, or liver.


Illuminate your PCP assuming you have diabetes as Croquin 300mg Tablet can bring down the sugar levels in the blood. Assuming you are diabetic, screen your glucose routinely. It might cause obscuring of vision. Along these lines, ordinary eye assessments are suggested while on treatment with this medication. At the point when utilized long haul, your PCP might screen the measures of the various sorts of platelets in your blood routinely. read more

Brand Name:croquin

Manufacturer: Cronus Biotech ltd

Presentation: Tablet

Strength:  300mg

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