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Co-Trimoxazole  50ml oral suspension

Trade Name: Dycotrim oral

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Manufacturer: Garima healthcare

Presentation: Oral Suspension

Strength: 50ml


What is Co-Trimoxazole 50ml Oral Suspension?

Co-Trimoxazole 50ml oral suspension is a blend medication that is utilized to treat the runs and separation of the inner parts. It ruins the improvement of microorganisms to treat the debasement.

How Co-Trimoxazole  50ml oral suspension is used?

Co-Trimoxazole 50ml oral suspension is a specialist upheld medication that is encouraged to be taken as proposed by the prepared proficient. It ought to be taken paying little psyche to food, yet it should be normal at a good hypothesis to guarantee additionally created reasonableness. Take the necessary steps not to consume more than the proposed fragment, as an overflow of it could tragically impact your body. On the off chance that you miss a section, recognize it when you recall. The treatment should be done whether you feel far improved to guarantee a hard and fast recuperation.

Common Side effects of This Medicine:

This drug could incite a couple of optional impacts, for instance, squeamishness, heaving, stomach torture, loss of hankering, cerebral agony, etc. To overcome any such coincidental impacts, eating a strong changed diet and drinking a great deal of liquid is supported. Expecting any of the coincidental impacts get upset, contact your essential consideration doctor immediately. Expecting you experience any overly sensitive reaction (rashes, shivering, extending, shortness of breath, etc), you ought to advise your essential consideration doctor immediately.


Preceding taking this medicine, you should inform your essential consideration doctor as to whether you most certainly detest your liver or kidneys. Furthermore, let your PCP know as to whether you are on any medication for any sickness. Pregnant or breastfeeding women should similarly chat with experts preceding taking it. Make an effort not to drink alcohol as it can cause over the top intoxication with this prescription. It for the most part doesn’t hinder your ability to drive, in any case, you shouldn’t drive if it makes you feel lazy or blurred looked at. If you are known helpless to the drug, you ought to swear off using this medicine and advice your essential consideration doctor. It is urged to take fitting rest over the range of treatment for the medicine to work in fact. Read More.

Brand Name: Dycotrim

Manufacturer: Garima Healthcare

Presentation: Oral Suspension

Strength:  240mg/50ml

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