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Doxorubicin 50mg Lippod-50 Injection


What is Doxorubicin Injection?

Doxorubicin Injection is utilized in the therapy of different kinds of malignant growths of blood, bosom, lung, ovaries, and delicate tissues. It tends to be utilized all alone, or at times given along with certain different medications as a feature of blended chemotherapy.

How is Doxorubicin Injection used?

Doxorubicin Injection is given as a dribble or implements vein with outrageous alert by a certified clinical expert. Your primary care physician will choose which portion is vital and how regularly you need to take it. This will rely upon what you are being treated for and may change every now and again. You should take it precisely as your PCP has exhorted. Misinterpreting it in or taking an excess can cause intense results. It might require a little while or months for you to see or feel the advantages, yet don’t quit taking it except if your primary care physician advises you to. It makes prophylactic pills less successful, so it encouraged both males and females to utilize solid contraception during the treatment.

Common side effects of this Injection:

The most widely recognized results of this medication incorporate spewing, hypersensitive responses, queasiness, mouth sores, and balding. In the event that these troubles you or seem genuine, let your primary care physician know. There might be methods of diminishing or forestalling them. It is known to diminish the number of platelets in your blood consequently, expanding the vulnerability to contaminations. Contaminations can be here and there be hazardous. Standard blood tests are needed to screen your platelets alongside the kidney, liver, and heart work during treatment with this medication.

Precautions before using this Injection.

Prior to taking this medication, tell your primary care physician in the event that you have extreme liver or heart-related issues, or in the event that you are pregnant, or breastfeeding. Your PCP ought to likewise think pretty much any remaining meds you are taking as a significant number of these may make this medication less successful or change the manner in which it works.

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Brand Name: Lippod

Manufacturer: Celon

Presentation: Injection

Strength:  50mg

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