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Hand Control Pencil

Product Name: Hand Control Pencil

 Application: General Surgical


What is Hand Control Pencil?

Hand Control Pencil a.k.a. Burning Pencil is a clinical gadget used to fulgurate, coagulate, cut or analyze natural tissue by applying electric flow.

How Hand Control Pencil is used?

Electrosurgical pencils, otherwise called searing pencils are utilized during electrosurgery systems. They are utilized to cut natural tissue and control seeping through Radio Recurrence Exchanging Current (RFAC).

  • Tempered Steel tip – 4 cm
  • The distance methods of aseptic strategy: Sterile EO
    across of the tip – 2.3mm
  • PVC clinical link – 3m
  • Maximal result current: – 1A
  • Recurrence restrict: 0-1.0MHZ
  • Current obstruction: 200 (Ohms)
  • Proper switch awareness
  • when enacted
  • Smoothed out
  • Against dangerous surfaces
  • Lightweight

Product Name: Hand Control Pencil

 Application: General Surgical

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