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Hemodialysis Catheter Kit (CD – 1002)

Product Name:  Hemodialysis Catheter Kit

 Application:  Surgical & Disposable

A catheter will be placed several weeks or months before you begin dialysis so that you have time to heal. It is usually placed in your non-dominant arm — so if you are right-handed, it would be placed into your left arm.


What is a hemodialysis catheter kit (cd – 100 2)?

A hemodialysis catheter kit (cd – 100 2) is a catheter utilized for trading blood between a hemodialysis machine and a patient. The dialysis catheter contains two lumens, one venous, and one blood vessel.

How hemodialysis catheter kit (cd – 100 2) is used?

A hemodialysis catheter kit (cd – 100 2) is vital for patients going through dialysis. The catheter is utilized for trading blood to and from the hemodialysis machine. This methodology is finished to put the catheter into the patient’s veins to consider rehashed admittance to a patient’s circulation system.


Delicate, mathematically planned conelike tip to guarantee simple inclusion and forestall catheter-related injury. A Hemodialysis catheter is a single/twofold/various lumen catheter that gives impermanent vascular admittance to hemodialysis until a long-lasting actress is accessible or until one more sort of dialysis treatment is subbed. For more details, Click Here

Product Name:  Hemodialysis Catheter Kit

 Application:  Surgical & Disposable

 For more details, Click Here

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