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Hemolate 250mg (Ethamsylate) Micro Nova

What is Hemolate 250mg Tablet?

Hemolate 250mg Tablet is utilized in the treatment of dying. It is utilized to diminish draining in conditions like unusual blood misfortune during periods and useless uterine dying. It likewise forestalls or decreases draining during, previously, or after fragile medical procedures.

How to Hemolate 250mg Tablet will be used?

HEMOLATE 250MG TABLET is a hemostatic medication. It acts by growing the limit of platelets to stay together and helps in the advancement of blood bunches. It similarly helps in controlling depletion from vessels which are little veins. Take it in the particular piece and length as prescribed by the expert to get the best benefits.

Common Side effects of this Tablet.

HEMOLATE 250MG TABLET limits the modification of your fine endothelial obstacle. It further fosters the platelet bonds by additional creating it and limits the course of biosynthesis. Typical side effects of HEMOLATE 250MG TABLET consolidate headache, impressions of infection, hypotension, and episodes on the skin as rashes.

A couple of typical side effects of this medicine are fuse disorder, cerebral agony, detachment of the insides, disgorging, or skin rash. Accepting you experienced any of these delayed consequences, let your essential consideration doctor know. They could have the choice to suggest approaches to preventing or diminishing the eventual outcomes.


Aside from oral utilization, it can likewise be taken through an IV. Assuming you miss a portion accept it straight away. Be that as it may, assuming it is as of now time for your next one, don’t club portions. Skip it totally. Before you take the medication, illuminate the specialist in the event that you dislike your liver, heart, or kidney. Try not to take this medication assuming that you have any known aversions to this drug. Read more.

Brand Name: Hemolate

Manufacturer: Micro Nova

Presentation: Tablet

Strength:  250mg

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