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Natcardine 100mg Franco-Indian

What is the Natcardine 100mg Tablet?

Natcardine 100mg Tablet is a solution used to treat arrhythmia (astonishing heart musicality). It reestablishes standard heart musicality by obstructing strange electrical signs in the heart. This assists with keeping a typical and unsurprising heartbeat.

How Natcardine 100mg Tablet will be used?

Natcardine 100mg Tablet should be taken reliably as incited by the trained professional. You should accept it with food and at a respectable time. This medication ought not to to be halted unexpectedly without speaking with the specialist as this can deteriorate your condition. Standard advancement with your PCP is urged while using this medicine

Natcardine 100mg Tablet is utilized to settle heart rhythms (especially atrial fibrillation). It helps in normalizing a peculiar heart rhythm, holding it back from occurring regardless of or toning down the beat during an episode. Take it regularly and keep on taking it whether or not you feel a considerable amount get to the next level.

Common Side effects of this Tablet.

It might cause secondary effects like sickness, heaving, low circulatory strain, ringing in the ear, cerebral pain, and obscured vision. Your primary care physician might educate you on normal checking regarding kidney capacity and glucose levels while you are taking this medication.


This medication may not be appropriate for certain individuals. You should illuminate specialists assuming that you are experiencing any liver or kidney infection. In like manner, let your essential consideration doctor in on basically a great many different medicines that you are using reliably. This drug isn’t regularly proposed during pregnancy or breastfeeding, so reliably counsel your essential consideration doctor preceding taking it.Read more

Brand Name: Natcardine

Manufacturer: Franco-Indian

Presentation: Tablet

Strength:  100mg

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