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HSG catheter

Product Name: HSG catheter

 Application: General Surgical


What is an HSG catheter?

HSG catheter gadgets give an improved representation, yet delicate patient tests. Intended for use in sonohysterography and hysterosalpingography, the catheter can be utilized with saline-put-together media depending with respect to the technique prerequisites.

How HSG catheter is used?

It will involve a slim catheter for HSG and apply tension on the cervix with the vaginal speculum to forestall spillage of the color during infusion to concentrate on the uterine pit and fallopian tubes and lessen the aggravation when contrasted with a standard metal cannula.


  • Elements and Advantages:-
  • Accessible with incorporated stylet for simple inclusion
  • Special position sheath wipes out the requirement for a tenaculum
  • Comes in both 5 and 7 French
  • Ideal for office use
  • Plastic free development


Product Name: HSG/HS catheter

 Application: General Surgical

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