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I.V. Cannula

Product Name:  I.V. Cannula

Manufacturer:  Angiplast Private Limited

Category:  Infusion Therapy


What is I.V. Cannula?

These I.V. Cannula are fitted with an infusion port that permits the supplementation of medication into the actual cannula by a needle without a needle and forestalls discharge. The variety-coded cap can be standard or « flip top » (snap cap) which permits a fast one-finger conclusion.

How I.V. Cannula is used?

The I.V. Cannula and the wrinkle-safe catheter is brought into a vein over an empty speaker needle. IV cannulas with wings just are fitted with adaptable wings for simple and appropriate obsession. These IV cannulas might be provided with an extra infusion port/heparin port in a similar rankle whenever required.

NEEDLE:  Siliconised, sloped, back cut ground treated steel needle for smooth and effortless venipuncture. Made of Treated Steel AISI304, breadth and length as per ISO standard.

NEEDLE HUB: All I.V. cannulae have extraordinarily planned needle center points to forestall any de-adjustment and bowing of the needle during venipuncture. Extraordinarily bent thumb watch for appropriate hold during addition.

NEEDLE COVER: Shields the needle and catheter from tainting. Forestalls incidental harm to the needle and catheter.

CATHETER: PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene)/FEP catheter is double tightened, angled tip, and is siliconized which offers high protection from wrinkling. Least obstruction during addition because of its most minimal coefficient of grinding and further developed tip plan.

Some salient features of our IV Catheter are as follows: ;-

  • Clean, single use and non-pyrogenic.
  • Japanese back-cut needle with breadth and length sticking to all ISO principles.
  • Triple point needle for effortless inclusion.
  • Flimsy walled Teflon catheter.
  • Catheters accessible regardless of radio murky line.
  • The blaze back chamber permits fast representation of venous return.
  • Adaptable wings give simple and secure obsession.
  • Discontinuous non-return valve to forestall spillage.
  • Variety coded port cap.
  • Length of catheter is planned according to ISO norms.
  • Clinical grade paper is utilized for essential bundling conforming to ISO Guidelines.
Conventional IV CannulaSafety IV CannulaI.V. CANNULAE
CodeCodeSizeColorI.D. in mm.O.D. in mm.Length in mm.Water Flow in ml./min.

Product Name:  I.V. Cannula

Manufacturer:  Angiplast Private Limited

Category:  Infusion Therapy

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