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Racecadotril 100mg Capsule Zedott

What is the use of Racecadotril 100mg Capsule Zedott?

Racecadotril 100mg Capsule Zedott is utilized in the treatment of indications of intense looseness of the bowels. It ought to be utilized alongside plentiful fluid admission and dietary measures. This medication is utilized when liquid and dietary measures are not adequately compelling to control the looseness of the bowels.

How Racecadotril 100mg Capsule Zedott can be used?

Racecadotril 100mg Capsule Zedott is taken with food in a portion and span as prompted by the specialist. It is either in tablet structure or utilized as a sachet. It is critical to take this medication alongside oral rehydration arrangement (ORS) to give sufficient liquid and electrolyte substitution. The portion you are given will rely upon your condition and how you react to the medication. You should take this medication until your primary care physician advises you to stop. Tell your PCP pretty much any remaining drugs you are taking as some may influence, or be influenced by this medication.

Side effects of Racecadotril 100mg Capsule Zedott:

The most widely recognized results are retching and fever. The majority of these are impermanent and typically resolve with time. Contact your PCP straight away if you are at all worried about any of these results.

This medication ought not to be utilized in youngsters if they have blood or discharge in stools, ongoing looseness of the bowels, the runs brought about by anti-microbials and experiencing kidney or liver illness. It is additionally not utilized in youngsters under a quarter of a year old enough. Pregnant or breastfeeding ladies ought to likewise counsel their PCP. For more details click here.

Business trademark:- Zedott

Producer: Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories

Show: Capsule

Strength:  100mg

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