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Telbivudine 600mg Tablet Tyzeka

Trade Name:– Tyzeka

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Manufacturer: Novartis India

Presentation: Tablet

Strength:  600mg

What is Telbivudine  Tablet Used for ?

Telbivudine  Tablet  is used in the treatment of HIV infection and chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection. It prevents the multiplication of virus in human cells. This stops the virus from producing new viruses and clears up your infection.

How Telbivudine  Tablet  is to be taken?

Telbivudine 600mg Tablet  is prescribed in combination with other HIV medicines. Your doctor will recommend the best medicines for you and will decide the doses that you need. Follow carefully the instructions for all the medicines that you are given. It can be taken with food or without food. Taking all these medicines regularly at the right times greatly increases their effectiveness and reduces the chances of HIV becoming resistant to them. It is important not to miss doses and to keep taking them until your doctor tells you it is safe to stop.

Common Side effects of this Tablet:-

Common side effects of this medicine include nausea, stomach pain, weakness and headache. These are usually not serious but tell your doctor if they bother you or do not go away. Rarely, some people may experience a skin reaction or liver damage. Your doctor will closely monitor you for these in the initial period of treatment.

Before Using This medicine, tell your problem to your doctor if you have any skin problems or liver or kidney disease. While using it, you may need regular blood tests to check your blood counts and liver function. Avoid drinking alcohol as it may increase your risk of liver damage. Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers should consult to  their doctor before using this medicine. Do not have unprotected sex or share personal items like razors or toothbrushes, if you are HIV positive. Talk to your doctor about safe ways like condoms to prevent HIV transmission during sex.

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Brand Name: Tyzeka

Manufacturer: Novartis India

Presentation: Tablet

Strength:  600mg

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