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Urine Leg Bag

Product Name: Urine Leg Bag 

Manufacturer:  Angiplast Private Limited

Category:  Urology


What is Urine Leg Bag?

Urine Leg Bag gather pee. Your pack will join to a catheter (tube) that is inside your bladder. You might have a catheter and pee seepage sack since you have urinary incontinence (spillage), urinary maintenance (not having the option to pee), medical procedure that made a catheter important, or another medical condition.

How Urine Leg Bag used?

Leg sacks and valves ought to be changed like clockwork. The sack can be joined on your right side or left leg, contingent upon which side is generally agreeable for you.

Our Urinary Leg Bag Features and Benefits:-

  • Strong development.
  • Has collapsed sides to increment volume limit without adding length.
  • Remarkable leg lash connectors decisively positioned for more agreeable wear.
  • All channel valves closes and seals safely.
  • Enormous buttons for simple connection

By and large, leg packs come in three distinct limits – 350ml, 500ml, or 750ml. Most catheter or sheath clients will normally be given a 500ml pack to begin with prior to attempting more modest or bigger sizes. It’s consistently vital to recollect that everybody is unique.


Choosing a pee leg pack will be fundamentally subject to what your primary care physician suggests and individual inclinations. These pee assortment gadgets normally come in three different ounce sizes: 9-ounce, 19-ounce, or 32-ounce; or three distinct milliliter sizes: 500mL, 750mL, and 1000mL.


Product Name: Urine Leg Bag 

Manufacturer:  Angiplast Private Limited

Category:  Urology

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