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Vascular Snare

Product Name: Vascular Snare

Trade Name:  Application: General Surgical

Application: General Surgical Product 


What is a Vascular Snare?

The Vascular Snare is planned with three joined circles to recover and control unfamiliar articles in the body. The EN Catch can be utilized to recover sub-par vena cava channels, reposition inhabiting venous catheters, fibrin sheath stripping, or aid focal dishonest access venipuncture.

How Vascular Snare is used?

This an endovascular gadget that is utilized to eliminate unfamiliar bodies from inside corridors and veins. The catch comprises a few radiopaque circles of wire inside a catheter, which when expanded bloom out, and which break down when removed into the catheter.

Advanced Features:-

  • Intended to have wrinkle resistive and limit clasping framework, Crimp resistive catheter.
  • Brilliant 90-degree point circle, Made of Nitinol that gives shape-memory and super versatility.
  • Upgraded Representation because of better radiopaque material.
  • Vascular Snare Sizes –
    REF                                  French             Length                 Loop Diameter
    NT/VSB/221401            2.2 Fr                  140 cm                   2mm X 10mm
    NT/VSB/221402           2.2 Fr                  140 cm                   4mm X 15mm
    NT/VSB/221403           2.2 fr                   140 cm                   7mm X 20mm
    NT/VSB/251401           2.5 fr                    140 cm                   2mm X 10mm
    NT/VSB/251402          2.5 fr                    140 cm                   4mm X 15mm
    NT/VSB/251403          2.5 fr                    140 cm                   7mm X 20mm
    NT/VSB/301401          3.0 fr                    140 cm                  2mm X 10mm
    NT/VSB/301402         3.0 fr                    140 cm                  4mm X 15mm
    NT/VSB/301403         3.0 fr                    140 cm                  7mm X 20mm

Product Name: Vascular Snare

Trade Name: Vascular Snare

Application: General Surgical Product 

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