Mcare exports India

Indian Pharma marching towards top

2,89,998 crores is the Indian pharma business in 2019-20.

20 Percent of world’s Pharma supply from India.

World Largest producer of vaccines

100 percent growth in last 8 years

10500 manufacturing units 28 – 30% supply in USA from India ensuring the world class quality and norms.

Growth of Pharma export is 66% over last year

Key potential area and growth opportunity.

More than 70% of ksm and API is still imported, majorly from China.

15 API molecules will be out of patent in next 3 years which consist more than 100 billion dollar business globally.

Bio similars could be a alternate of patent with the help of academia.

Government support

Industry academia and regulatories are on one page.

PLI for critical API and intermediate for the National list of essential medicines.

Pharma and API parks.

Combined drug testing laboratory facilities.

100 % FDI for Greenfield projects

74 – 100% in brownfield projects

For manufacturing facility the most important is:

 Land, Government of India has shown its keen willingness to provide land by allocating pharma and API parks, with the single window approvals.

Labour, 1.2 million pharma professionals with high english efficiency to become most ideal pharma hub globally. Recent with the latest amendment of labour laws making its suitable for the industry. 

Capital 100% FDI is permitted in Greenfield industries . 74 – 100% FDI in brownfield industry this will not only bring the funds but the latest technology also. 

To facilitate the industry, Indian University are ready and cheap source for the research and development facility. India is ready to be the world leader in Pharma after IT.

M Care being the global supplier of Pharmaceutical formulation, API, KSN & intermediate products and a member of Pharmexcil are ready to provide international exposure to manufacturers for registration of their products and sales and academia for research and development. We also assist clinical research.

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