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Blood Bag Systems

Product Name: Blood Bag Systems

 Application:  Surgical and Disposables

What is Blood Bag Systems?

The Blood Bag System comprises of blood giver sack, contributor tube( comprises of a needle with needle cover), puncturable and non sealable bonding pot, and clip. 3. Notice the various kinds of blood sacks. Single sack: Utilized for entire blood assortment. Twofold sack: Used to isolate stuffed cells and Plasma.

How are Blood Bag Systems used?

Blood sacks are utilized for the solid assortment, partition, stockpiling and transport of blood. Adjusted blood pack configuration forestalls blood coagulation and guarantees the blood and enemies of coagulants are appropriately blended during partition and bonding.


Siliconized super slight walled, 16G, sharp Japanese needle guarantees smooth and atraumatic venipuncture.

  • Delicate, iced, and adaptable crimp-safe tubing with an extraordinary ID number at time periods of cm
  • Sealed, protected, and simple to-open port covers to forestall tainting
  • Produced from great clinical grade PVC sheet
  • Exclusively stuffed in unique multi-facet pockets and products pressed in dampness hindrance aluminum pocket
  • Helpful holder cuts and openings permit simple suspension of the packs during assortment and capacity
  • Anticoagulant CPD arrangement saves entire blood for as long as 21 days
  • Anticoagulant CPDA arrangement protects entire blood for as long as 35 days
  • SAGM arrangement jam RBC for as long as 42 days.
Single Blood Bag Systems
Item CodeSize
BB01100 ml
BB02250 ml
BB03300 ml
BB04350 ml
BB05450 ml
BB06500 ml

Product Name: Blood Bag Systems

 Application:  Surgical and Disposables

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