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Cilostazol 100mg Tablet Zilast


What is Cilostazol 100mg Tablet Zilast?

Cilostazol 100mg Tablet Zilast is utilized in the treatment of torment in the legs because of the deficient bloodstream (irregular claudication). It additionally helps in diminishing squeezing, deadness, or shortcoming in the legs that happens on strolling in such patients.

How Cilostazol 100mg Tablet Zilast is taken?

Cilostazol  Tablet 50mg ought to be taken consistently as prompted by the specialist. You should take it on a vacant stomach and at a fixed time. This medication ought not to be halted suddenly without speaking with the specialist.

Common Side effects of  Tablet:

It might cause results like migraine, queasiness, heaving, edema, loose bowels, unsteadiness, palpitation, stomach torment, strange stools, fart, and edema. Utilization of this medication may build your danger of dying. Tell your PCP promptly on the off chance that you see a pinpoint rash or blood in your spews, pee, or stool.

This medication may not be appropriate for certain individuals. You should illuminate the specialist on the off chance that you are experiencing any liver or kidney infection. Additionally, let your primary care physician think pretty much the wide range of various prescriptions that you are utilizing routinely. This medication isn’t normally suggested during pregnancy or breastfeeding, so consistently counsel your primary care physician before taking it.

How It is Used?

This Tablet might be risky to use during pregnancy. Although there are restricted examinations in people, creature contemplates have shown destructive consequences for the creating child. Your primary care physician will gauge the advantages and any likely dangers before recommending them to you. Kindly counsel your PCP.

This Tablet ought to be utilized with alert in patients with liver sickness. Portion change of This Tablet might be required. Kindly counsel your primary care physician.

Utilization of this Tablet isn’t suggested in patients with moderate and extreme liver infection as the data accessible in these patients is restricted.

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Brand Name: Zilast

Manufacturer: IPCA Ltd

Presentation: Tablet

Strength:  100mg

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