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Examination Glove

Product Name: Examination Glove

 Application:  General Surgery


What is Examination Glove?

Examination Glove is the defensive gear used to safeguard the wearer and additionally the patient from the spread of miniature creatures that may possibly cause contamination or sickness during operations and assessments. Clinical gloves are one piece of a contamination control technique.

How Examination Glove is used?

It is utilized for operations to shield both patients and clinical staff from cross-defilement. Assessment gloves are non-sterile and rigorously SINGLE USE. Security process: Wash hands when utilization of gloves.

  • Expendable Plastic Assessment Gloves
  • Non Sterile, Hypo-Hypersensitive, Able to use both hands
  • Surface: Miniature Harsh
  • Standard: ASTM D3578, En455
  • Quality: AQL 1.5
  • Pressing: 100 laptops for every Gadget box
  • 10 container boxes for every expert container
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Product Name: Examination Glove

 Application:  General Surgery

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