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Product Name:  MUAC TAPES

 Application:  Surgical and Disposables


What are MUAC TAPES?

A MUAC TAPES scope of Mid-Upper Arm Circuit (MUAC) Estimating Tapes is accessible through UNICEF Supply Division. MUAC tapes are predominately used to quantify the upper arm outline of kids yet additionally that of pregnant ladies, distinguishing lack of healthy sustenance.

What are MUAC TAPES used to measure?

MUAC represents Mid-Upper Arm Boundary. MUAC is a straightforward and solid device that permits well-being laborers to rapidly decide whether a patient is intensely malnourished. MUAC groups are variety coded. Assuming the size of the patient’s arm falls under the green piece of the tape, it demonstrates that the patient isn’t malnourished. Assuming it falls inside the yellow piece of the band, it demonstrates that the patient is in danger of unhealthiness. In conclusion, assuming the circumference falls inside the red piece of the band, it demonstrates that the patient is seriously malnourished.

  • Features:-
  • Non-poisonous material
  • Made of Non-tearable vinyl paper
  • Adaptable and launderable
  • Non-stretchableAccurate numbers stamped
  • Variety coded
  • Simple to utilize
  • Single-use

Available Types:- 

  • GPS118a: MUAC Tape (Colored) Adult
  • GPS118c: MUAC Tape (Colored) Child

Product Name:  MUAC TAPES

 Application:  Surgical and Disposables

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