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 Application:  Surgical & Disposable

DS700 – Vomit Bag, Disposable:-

GENERAL DISPOSABLES: It is a hand convey one-size pack that has 750 ml and can be effectively tucked anyplace for simple access when direly required. Elective Purposes: This sealable regurgitation sack can likewise be utilized for movement and queasiness. Furthermore, this is likewise extremely helpful in tossing fluid byproducts that radiate sharp scents.

DS705 – Cotton Tipped Applicator, Wooden Stem:-

Cotton-Tipped Implements are intended to be utilized for drug application, wound treatment, example assortment, and then some! These clinical swabs are fantastic for use in facilities, emergency clinics, schools, and at your home. Accessible in different choices, bundling, and size mixes.

  • Length: 15cm, Disposable
DS710 – Oral Swab:-

Oral swabs, explicitly, tongue swabs, are quick and simple to gather, and they can be gathered from anybody, grown-ups, and youngsters, whether or not they have side effects. Along these lines, OSA can likewise be utilized for dynamic case finding.

  • Length: 12.5cm, Disposable



 Application:  Surgical & Disposable

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